Who We Are


Working towards a waste free WNC
by enabling, educating and inspiring people to dispose responsibly 
through composting
and recycling.

Member of the Asheville Independent Restaurant Association
Member of Green Opportunities
 Certified Living Wage Employer
         Member of the Asheville  
           Chamber of Commerce

Supporter of Asheville Grown Business Alliance
Owners Danny and Natalie Keaton with daughters Zoie and Layla
             In 2007, Danny Keaton began hauling trash and recycling in the back of a 1985 Toyota van for residents in
                Madison County with the laid back motto "Danny's Dumpster - You Make It, We Take It". But when green
                legislation passed in North Carolina in 2008, requiring businesses with alcoholic beverage permits to recycle
                their bottles, he realized that the future of trash lay in responsible disposal not mass disposal. His wife, 
                Natalie, began work with the business that year as their own family also began to grow. 
                In 2009, Danny started hauling compostable waste in addition to recycling and trash, and in 2012 started a 
                compost processing facility to to help divert large volumes of materials from area landfills while also creating a                 quality by-product of finished compost and topsoil. This new service, as well as grants from the North 
                Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, helped to establish Danny's Dumpster as a 
                green industry and set it apart from large scale waste haulers in the area. To reflect these changes, the 
                business motto evolved into, "Danny's Dumpster - Reducing Waste, Renewing Resources".
                As the business continues to grow, thanks in large part to the integrity and commitment of our customers; as 
                well as our incredibly loyal and hard-working crew, our mission becomes more fully realized: 
                "Working towards a waste free WNC be enabling, educating and inspiring people to dispose responsibly and 
                reduce waste through composting and recycling." Thank you for helping us make it happen!


Justin Skemp
Justin Skemp has been our blue collar intellectual since 2010,
with degrees in philosophy and (honorary) efficiency. He's also the man in charge of turning our waste into a wealth of finished compost. When not running composting operations at Danny's Dumpster, Justin can be found working the soil at his own farm in Madison County.  

James Mills
James Mills is the muscle behind all the heavy lifting at Danny's
Dumpster. But don't let his size intimidate you -- he's the
jolliest trash man you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting! James graduated from Asheville's Green Opportunities job program in 2010 and has been working with Danny's Dumpster ever since. A proud father of two sons, he doesn't have much free time but when he does, he likes to throw down some rhymes with his crew "Bloodline".    


Derek Keaton
We kidnapped our cousin Derek Keaton from Virginia to help us drive recycle trucks, and since he's pretty good at it, we're gonna assimilate him into our North Cackalack-ian culture. Derek is an avid videographer and photographer who has been making us laugh since 2012 with his pranks and penchant for the peculiar. Perhaps some day we'll debut in one of his films at Sundance -- or possibly a Jackass spin-off.    



Jeremy Frock
Jeremy Frock, a part of our team since 2013, is a guy who's always on the move -- helping us haul compost in the wee hours of the morning and also growing a window cleaning business on the side. When not working, he likes rock climbing and adventuring with his wife and two daughters.



Jesse Nielsen
Jesse Nielsen is our downtown guy, partly because he's the most stylish one of the bunch. He's been helping us sling trash and cardboard (while doing his best not to hold up traffic) since 2015. A modern renaissance man, he enjoys the performing arts, woodworking, painting and general adventuring.    


Justin Marino
Justin Marino is our most recent addition in 2015, driving both a recycle truck and a skidsteer, and staying positive despite the breakdowns, downpours and all around funk-tification that happens at Danny's Dumpster. Musically gifted, Justin is capable of great things.. but we're still awaiting our jingle for the business.      


Eli Helbert
Eli Helbert has been our resident "famous person" since 2012, coming and going on the set of Danny's Dumpster whenever he's not busy being a world-class canoeist/instructor... or teaching his two kiddos some of the same. Aside from basking in his glow, we like to think we keep him humble. You're welcome, Eli. 

Guerin Williams
The trash business has a way of prematurely aging a person- just ask Guerin Williams who's been with us part-time since 2013. Fortunately for Guerin, he hooked a girl before the job really started taking its toll, so at least he'll have someone to clean up after him when he can no longer clean up after others. When not aging, Guerin is an excellent guitarist and soon-to-be engineer... and husband (we have met the girl- she's real). 

Family, A.K.A. Free Labor
Danny Keaton is part of a large family, which has gotten him
a lot of free labor over the years. Like superheros with a second
identity, these doctors, teachers, students and blue collar laborers routinely transform on weekends and holidays to answer the siren call of trash. Thanks family -- the work would be much more difficult and less entertaining without you!