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                        Picking up recycling in Biltmore Village                                                Nutrient rich soil is made from locally composted

               with the help of a specialized recycle trailer.                                              materials and sold to landscapers and gardeners.


Danny's Dumpster specializes in waste reduction while striving to make

environmentally responsible decisions both affordable and convenient.

From set-up to pick-up we're continually working to improve your

disposal service- washing containers and using compostable bags, streamlining pick-ups, educating customers and brainstorming solutions to unique waste problems.
Call 828.380.9094 or email dannysdumpster@gmail.com for a
customized quote on our services.



  • All inclusive pick-up - Cost effective and convenient, this service streamlines your waste hauling, maximizing compost and recycle efforts and minimizing what gets sent to the landfill. 
  • Compost only pick-up - Satisfied with your current waste hauler? Then let us take away just your compostables and see if it doesn't dramatically decrease what you send to the landfill and the costs associated with it.     
  • Event pick-up - We will set up and maintain compost, recycle and trash collection areas at your event, hauling it away and leaving your space cleaner than when we arrived.


We're working on making our compost services available to residential customers. If this is something you're interested in, please email us at dannysdumpster@gmail.com with the subject "residential composting" and we'll let you know as soon as it's up and running. 


Danny's Dumpster operates its own compost processing facility in Asheville, closing the loop on a system that takes food scraps out of the kitchen and puts them back to work in the earth. Nutrient rich topsoil from locally collected materials is available now in a variety of blends and quantities.


Call 828.380.9094 or email dannysdumpster.com to arrange pick-up or delivery.



Pure & Blended Compost 

  • Pure Compost - $50/yard (soil amendment for gardens)
  • Blended Compost - $50/yard (Pure compost and topsoil blended for raised beds, etc.)